Bar Bollo’s in Utrecht

bar bollosBollo’s is a little brother of Maria Cafe opened in Fall of 2014. This Spanish oriented bar was brought to the Utrecht scene by the owners of Maria and they even share some spaces.
Bollo’s has a nice concept of snack plates and mini sandwiches which you can enjoy at lunch time or with your drink in the evening. The prices for the sandwiches vary from €1.75 (watch out, these a mini broodjes, you might need 2 or 3 of them). Snack plates come in different sizes and tastes: you can choose sweet, meat, cheese or vegetarian selection in 3 sizes or 2 different Bollo’s platters starting from €12. Smoked ribeye with tomato pesto and monchego is a must try! By the way, they use cheeses from my favourite shop – Kazerij Stalenhoef – already a good sign.
Situated on famous Mariaplaats, for now it’s not overly busy. They also have a nice rack with table games and indoor smoking room. You are welcome there from Wednesday until Sunday for some tasty food, special beer or their gin&tonic.

Bar Bollo’s
Address: 46, Springweg, 3511 VH Utrecht
Phone:030 230 0055
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