Blackbird Coffee & Vintage

blackbird entranceBlackbird is perfectly located on beautiful Oudegracht in the centre of Utrecht and is selling great coffee and vintage items.
Blackbird is situated in quite a small space but has lots to offer. Not only they brew good coffee but also sell art, 60-70s style furniture, t-shirts and vintage bicycles. It is one of the first espresso bars in Utrecht combining the possibility of drinking coffee with shopping.
Blackbird uses Koffieslab beans which are nice but sometimes have a sour note (don’t kill the messenger, it’s a personal preference). ¬†Apart from coffee¬†Blackbird has a small menu with breakfast, dessert and refreshing drinks options. Baked goodies are made from biological products and are quite ok, but unfortunately very inconsistent and definitely not the best in town.
Overall, Blackbird is a nice place for a cup of coffee and definitely a noticeable stop in search for interesting vintage items.

Blackbird Coffee & Vintage
Address: Oudegracht 222, 3511 NT Utrecht
Phone:06 41254359
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