Boterham – Cozy Cafe and Shop in Amsterdam East

IMG_2232 copyIt was a spontaneous breakfast date with my friend Polina, who lead the way to Boterham.
‘Boterham’ in translation from Dutch is a ‘sandwich’, so their specialty are whole wheat breads with different toppings and spreads. The baked goodies are also really nice, especially the chocolate cookie, which is perfectly crispy outside and with mouthwatering liquid chocolate bits inside. Everything is said to be organic and home-made.
But that’s not all, they also have a shop inside with mainly home accessories, which include ceramics and textile pieces of interior.
Boterham appears to be busy, but mainly with art students from the neighbouring school who just drop by for a coffee and snack to-go.
Overall, Boterham is a nice place for breakfast or lunch in Sterparkbuurt where you can cozy up with your friends and enjoy simple but good food. Next time i probably gonna go for Makreel Mousse (Mackerel Mousse), which I didn’t feel like trying early in the morning this time :)

Address: Andreas Bonnstraat 2, Amsterdam
Phone: 020 663 1842
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