Crabs are coming

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Lunch in Crabs is certainly a good experience with perfect companions.
The place itself is really small and busy, hard to get a table, but we managed to get one right away. From the first sight I loved the interior and the smells, people around and central location.
We’ve tried
-Crab Fried Rice, which was really good, with big chunks of grab and fragrant herbs
-Crab soup, wich was tasty
-Crab & Scallop & Veg Tempura, which was really nothing special and the scallops were overcooked.
So food wise it was quite good, but what really disappointed me is that they brought all the dishes at different times and by the time one person was completely done the other was just beginning. This is a big NO for me. And the personnel was quite rude as well.
My verdict is: definitely go, but manage your expectations. Plus the prices are really moderate, you get what you are paying for.
My short review on russian you can find on my instagram.

Crabs are coming
Price range: €4-10 (200-500rub), Crab Meat 125-500g for approx. €7-30
Address: Kalashniy Pereulok, 9, Moscow 125009, Russia
Phone: +7 499 340-11-85

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