De Klub – Modern Bistro with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Vechtclub XL

de klub logoAfter reading about De Klub on Elle Eten the idea of trying out their food didn’t let me rest. The first thing that catches your attention is warm lunch (don’t get any broodje ideas, it’s actual food!!) and no fixed menu. That’s right, they change their menu according to the products available at the moment and seasons. You can always check out their Facebook page where they put up the dishes of the day or just drop by and get surprised by something delicious.
Located in Vechtclub XL, it’s not exactly downtown, but worth a trip. Vechtclub is an exciting place with workspaces for creative interpreters, vegetable garden, stage and exhibition spaces. As an advantage you can easily park your car for free.
The interior of De Klub is modern and industrial, full of light space where New York meets Paris and is decorated with white and green tiles and cozy pillows. Opened kitchen and wide bar make De Klub even more exciting.
If you are not turned on yet, just let me tell you about the food. De Klub serves a daily changing 3-course dinner for €25, and they do take in consideration your dietary restrictions. Lunch menu consists of soups, salads and quiches (starting from €4.5) and a bonus of dish of the day, served both at lunch and dinner time, just for €10.
During my visit I had a chance to try their quiche with kohlrabi and zucchini with a side of pomegranate salad, which perfectly cut into the richness of the pie. The portion was so generous, that it could have easily been a lunch on it’s own. But the dish of the day was THE highlight of the experience. It was a modern twist on Stamppot with a home-made rookworst and rich gravy and a truly delicious dish. If you ever want to try this Dutch classic, De Klub is the place to go (if they still have it on the menu).

De Klub
Address: Europalaan 2B, 3526 KS Utrecht
Phone:030 204 0531
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