De Koekfabriek – Cookies and Coffee in Utrecht

koekfabriek bannerDe Koekfabriek opened in January of 2014 and since then keeps winning the hearts of locals. Not only they have delicious cookies (hence the name), but you can get a great cup of coffee with them for free.
How does it work? It’s simple, choose your cookie (chocolate chip, butter, cantuccini or cinnamon) for €2 and your coffee or tea drink. If you prefer a latte or fresh mint tea, just add extra €0.50. So as you see it’s a reversed concept of a side cookie – ‘wil je een lekker koekje met een koffie erbij?’
Moreover, the cookies are made from organic products by people with intellectual disabilities, so buying their produce you help a good cause.
De Koekfabriek barristas work with Bacci coffee, which is gorgeous in its bitterness, and they also sell Marie-Stella Maris water. Bacci is a fair trade coffee and a supporter of Coffee Kids and Marie-Stella Maris is famous for their concern about recycling and clean drinking water projects.
Overall, De Koekfabriek’s coffee and cookies taste amazing and might be one of the most social responsible in town. The only downside is a hidden location and a small space the cafe occupies, but don’t worry, your coffee can also be made to-go. And watch out, De Koekfabriek is closed on Mondays.

De Koekfabriek
Address: Slachtstraat 2, 3512 BC Utrecht
Phone:030 760 1747
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