Gauchos Grill – Great steak, bad fries

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A real Argentinian steak house right on the canal, what more can you ask for?
It’s really hard to find a gooood steak, but once you found one, you’ll never forget. In Gauchos they bring you all the cuts to show off and tell you a little about every type of meat and the best temperature for them. Meat and steaks there are delicious without doubt, as well as their special Chimichurri.

But there it stops. The fries are awful. You know these pressed ones they serve in McDonalds? Gauchos’ fries seem to be even worse. All the sauces, except the standard chimichurri are also bad. Baked potato with sour cream seems to be the only acceptable side dish.
I tried almost all the steaks and decided to try the grilled shrimp. They were delicious, but let’s be real, 3 not so big shrimps for €12 is not quite realistic.
Overall, worth a visit, especially that they have several locations allover Netherlands. We are going to the one in Utrecht, but you can see all the restaurants on their website.
Take a steak, chimichurri and a side of salad or baked potato and you’ll be happy.

Gauchos Grill Restaurant
Price range for steaks: €15-44
Address: Oudegracht 150, 3511 AZ Utrecht
Phone: 030 232 8372

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