Goede Vrijdag – Coffee on a Bridge

goede vrijdag rijn brugJust while entering the Oosterkade don’t miss out on this little coffee place on the right which found its home in a bridge guardhouse building. Goede Vrijdag is for sure a unique place. Not only it’s the only place in Utrecht in a bridge keeper’s house, it might as well be the tiniest.
It’s so small, it’s easy to miss. But once you are in, you wouldn’t believe how much fits inside. The walls, the floors and the ceiling are packed with items from different places and times, and lot’s of them are for sale.
The centre of it all is a huge disco ball hanging right in the middle, and you can’t help but wonder ‘How did they even fit it through the doors?’. ¬†Jesus holding a ‘cafe’ sign in his hands and cool skeletons on the menu board are just among the few things that can catch your eye.
And there’s more. Going down the basement you’ll find even more vintage items for sale and, surprisingly, a little stage, where occasionally there is a performance.
Be sure to drop by Goede Vrijdag, if not for the treats then for the experience.

Goede Vrijdag
Address: Oosterkade 1, 3582 AS Utrecht
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