Kazerij Stalenhoef – My Favourite Cheese Shop

Even in the Netherlands – the country of cheese – you have to know good places to get best cheeses possible. Lot’s of shop’s propose you gouda cheese coloured or with additives and tourists don’t always know the difference. But Kazerij Stalenhoef is truly a cheese Mecca!
The choice in Kazerij is incredible: dutch, french, swiss, italian. Every employee knows their products, are willing to spent time explaining and give you a taste. Among the dutch cheeses you will find a variety from soft to hard, young to old, slightly sweet to salty cheeses. And of course cheeses with truffles, herbs, fenugreek, cumin, chilli and many many others. Moreover, they have a great choice of other delicatessen, wines, nuts, jams and even cheese knives and wooden boards.
If you are planning a night with good wine accompanied by delicious cheeses, you don’t even have to go anywhere else, just visit Kazerij Stalenhoef and you’ll find all you need, quality, diversity and quantity wise!

Kazerij Stalenhoef
Address: Twijnstraat 67, 3511 ZJ Utrecht
Phone:030 288 2706

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