Lot 61 in Amsterdam – Where the real Coffee Roasters Live

IMG_2175 copyI was supposed to have a morning coffee with my friend Yulie, who’s also a big amsterdammer coffee specialist, so she chose Lot 61. By the time I came there I received a message that she won’t be able to make it, so I cozied up on my own a decided to try the famous coffee.
I tell how it is: I’m not a coffee specialist but a fan, and I can say the coffee was quite good. The baked goodies were also delish. But what amazed┬áme more is the huge coffee roasting machine downstairs, it’s impressive and fits the atmosphere well and isn’t it just interesting to see one of those live in a coffee place!:)
Be sure to drop by Lot 61, because the guys really know what they are doing and I’ll be waiting for my next time there as well to try all the coffee types they have!

Lot Sixty One
Address: Kinkerstraat 112, 1053 ED Amsterdam
Phone: 06 42613342
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