Markthal Rotterdam – First Covered Market Hall in NL

IMG_1175 copyMarkthal is a huge market space where you can find a great variety of fresh produce and local goods. The space itself is really big: it combines the market, lower level with storage facilities and chain stores, and living apartments, but on Tuesdays and Saturdays there’s also an enormous out-door market next to Markthal. As you stroll between the rows, bumping into hamon legs and smelling the freshly baked churros, you’ll notice that some of the tents are well-known Dutch food chains, others are small local businesses. There are several really good looking sausage tents (especially the French worsten), fishmonger and butcher carts, vegetable and fruit displays, where you can find your everyday produce and something more exotic, like dragon fruit or cherimoya, and a big Asian store, with a great diversity of products. Moreover there are flower and sustainable souvenirs carts and little cafes you can sit down in to try all the delicatessen.
Be sure to have a taste of the blueberry and cognac&pheasant sausages at Monsieur Saucisson (€4 p/p or 3 sausages for €10), earl grey and salted caramel macarons at De Patissier, and banana-toffee muffin at MultiVlaai.

Opening time: some days it’s opened up to 9PM, check the schedule here
Address: Nieuwstraat, 3011 Rotterdam
markthal rotterdamIMG_1149 copy IMG_1143 copy IMG_1152 copy IMG_1153 copy IMG_1156 copy IMG_1157 copy IMG_1163 copy IMG_1165 copy IMG_1168 copy IMG_1161 copy IMG_1162 copy IMG_1171 copy IMG_1173 copy

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