Mazzo – Italian Restaurant in Amsterdam

mazzo amsteerdamThe other day we had a dinner at Mazzo and it was quite a nice experience.
I really loved the interior and the menu. Lot’s of the dishes seamed appealing, we ordered Antipasto Misto plate to share, Sward Fish Carpaccios, Carbonara Pasta and Mazzo Pizza. The Antipasto platter was quite nice, I really enjoyed the artichokes, beats and pesto crostini among the other snacks. Carbonara was fine, but my friend who had it said it was too cheesy and not particularly up to his liking. Mazzo pizza with buffalo mozzarella, lardo (I’m still figuring out how to better translate it, because there were no bacon pieces, but also no fat ‘lard’ pieces) and truffle tapenade was mediocre. I expected better from the restaurant specialty, as the pizza was’t anything special and was quite blend. But I really enjoyed the Sward Fish Carpaccio, it was light but flavourful, fennel and lemons complimented the fish beautifully. Overall, the food was decent with certain exceptions. The stuff was really friendly, although a bit slow with the drinks.
If i had to add something that upset me, it that I booked a table as it was a Friday night, but we still had to wait a while to be seated upon our arrival. When we got there the table wasn’t ready though I could see at least several other free tables for 4, but anyway we were asked to wait at the bar where we couldn’t sit or order a drink (it was busy). In the end, it’s a minor disappointment.
I will recommend Mazzo as a relaxed lunch or casual dinner place with your friends, where you can enjoy a decent meal, but be ready for a certain noise level in the evenings.

Restaurant Mazzo
Price range: €4-24
Address: Rozengracht 114, 1016 LV Amsterdam
Phone:020 344 6402

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