Mockamore in Utrecht

photo 2-17I think Mockamore is a good example of chain coffee places, where the desserts are still baked in-house and coffees are not overpriced, but delicious.
I’ve only visited Mockamore in Utrecht but I did enjoy it! It’s spacious inside, suitable for coffee in a company or alone with a newspaper or a laptop, and it has a nice middle-sized terrace on one of the busiest street in Utrecht. They proudly announce that their coffee beans were specially selected from all-over the world, but I can just say that the coffee is smooth and nice and the cappuccino and latte cups are just huge. It’s not this type of coffee hipster places with bearded baristas, but still good. The passion fruit kwaarktaart is to die for!

Address: Steenweg 37, 3511 JL Utrecht (+ several more locations in Netherlands)
Phone:030 233 3410

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