Restaurant De Markt in Utrecht

de marktRestaurant De Markt is one of my favourite places for italian food in Utrecht: it’s contemporary, delicious and just couple of minutes away from home.
Since not so long ago Drieharingstraat became one of the most famous restaurant streets in Utrecht and it’s swarming with different places, but be sure not to miss De Markt. I personally fall in love with almost any place that serves Vitello tonnato with fresh tuna and not the salty greasy tuna sauce. Vitello tonnato in De Markt is my all-time crush.
The interior is inviting and personeel is welcoming, food is delicious and the check is quite democratic, what more do you need? Be aware though, that sometimes it’s hard to get a table and you might be asked to wait at the bar.
The other thing is that it’s wall-to-wall with Restaurant Naast De Markt, with which they share a kitchen, so there is not much difference in the menus, prices and no difference, of course, in the quality of food. So i would just recommend you check the menus and go to the more appealing place.
Kitchen in De Markt works from 12pm to 10pm, so you can have lunch and dinner there.
Kitchen in Naast De Markt is opened 5pm till 10pm.

De Markt & Naast De Maarkt
Price range: €6-17,50
Address: Drieharingstraat 27, 3511 BH Utrecht
Phone:030 230 0991



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