Restaurant Opium

photo 3For our anniversary we wanted something relaxed and cozy but with good food and wine. We chose Opium for its asian menu and secluded inner garden.

We ordered Asian Walk starter plate (€25,95) and a bottle of Marlborough Savignon Blanc (very crisp and mineral New Zealand white wine, approx. €31). It was a warm day and we are not big eaters so we thought it would be enough. And it was. Food looked beautiful and smelled delicious and the waiters were polite (maybe a little slow though). We started with the bread and duo of dips, followed by the tasting plate. Beijing duck and Bisque were stunning, shrimp and coconut soup were good and Vitello Tonato and Salmon cakes were average. The only problem I had is that restaurant poses itself as fusion (“restaurant where the Far East and West meet and several cultures join, inspired by all the beauty of Asia“), but west and east were not really incorporated together. You find a good asian food in Opium with sometimes out-of-place touches of european food.

In the end, it was a beautiful evening, good food and I will definitely come back and recommend you try. Oh, by the way, they have cocktails!

Restaurant Opium
Price range: €8-25
Address: Voorstraat 80, 3512 AT Utrecht
Phone: 030 2315515

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