Restaurant Vintage Tapasbar & Wine in Utrecht

IMG_2120 copyThe Drieharingstraat doesn’t stop to be one of the most attractive streets to eat out in Utrecht. This time we were in Vintage Tapasbar & Wine and really liked it, but unfortunately not everything was perfect.
Let’s start with good though. The food was mainly delicious, we took Vintage Tapas Plateau and Garlic bread. I like to order restaurants’ special plates, because most of the times it gives you an idea of the food in general. Vintage Plateau is pretty big and the price is democratic (€9,95 p/p). Our Plateau consisted of a carpaccio (really decent), bruschetta with pesto, avocado and tomatoes (average good), mini burgers from wagyu beef (fingerpicking!), shrimp croquettes (quite mediocre), filo and goat cheese roll (tasty, but too fat and, funny to say, too cheesy) and marinated salmon (really gentle taste, delicious). The carpaccio, burgers and salmon were my favourite. Warm garlic bread was fragrant and melted on the tongue.
Wine cart is rich, but, for my liking, it lacks New World wines a bit. There are lot’s of French wines, which in my mind don’t really go with tapas, even though Vintage’s tapas are not necessarily Spanish style.
I really liked the interior and the personnel was friendly (especially the girl waitresses).
For the disappointing part I must say that it seems to me that in Vintage they care more about serving and squeezing in as much people as possible, rather than paying attention to the customers and keep them in the restaurant a little longer. We ordered a bottle of wine, which they forgot to bring and only remembered to take our second drink order when we were almost finished with the food. By this time we decided just to follow up with another glass of wine and cancelled the bottle. Well, restaurants’s loss..
It’s also awfully difficult to find a table, so keep in mind to make a reservation before you come. We didn’t do one and we were lucky to be seated after half an hour waiting. Unfortunately we had a table in the back, where it feels too crowded and noisy, as they squeezed 8 tables in what seems 3x3m (or less) space.
In the end, I must say that we enjoyed Vintage Tapasbar & Wine, will definitely come again, but more for a quick bite than relaxing dinner out.

Vintage Tapasbar & Wine
Price range: €3-7 for the tapas, €9-17 for the plateaus
Address: Drieharingstraat 18, 3511 BJ Utrecht
Phone: 030 231 8989
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