The Dutch Co – The secret I Have to Share

photo 3-16  It seems that not much people know about The Dutch Co and i’d rather keep it that way, because you always wanna keep the best for yourself. But well, i’m on the path of sharing, so here you go.
For now i only had lunch there once, but it already feels like one of my favourite places in Amsterdam. First, the packaging – it looks gorgeous from the outside. Second, the interior is also really up to my taste, international brasserie with a Dutch and London touch. Third, the personnel is polite and friendly (though slow and forgetful sometimes, which really didn’t spoil my experience that time), Fourth, food is good.
Dutch Co will be perfect for tasty lunch, easygoing dinner or drinks with your friends.

The Dutch Co
Price range: €5-21.50
Address: Frans Halsstraat 76, 1072 BV Amsterdam
Phone: 020 737 2479
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