The Village Coffee & Music – My Personal Favourite

the village coffee music utrecht 4The Village Coffee & Music has been on Utrecht scene¬†for a while and from the first time I had coffee there I fell in love. Well, first of all, the guys working there are just the rock stars of the coffee world. Second, the coffee is just truly delicious, every cup is good and never ever I was disappointed. Even though The Village opened in 2011, the place and the team stay up to date, stylish and creative. The interior itself is simple, somewhat hipster with interesting details and some vintage furniture. You’ll also find there some merchandise for sale (coffee, accessories, t-shirts, music) and always a good book or a magazine to read.As I understand they use Caffenation roasted coffee from Antwerpen, but there is a plan to have their own place to roast. There’s hardly any food, some cakes and cookies, which are good, but you’ll hardly go to the Village for a real lunch. It’s about the coffee, remember!The only disadvantage is that too much people know how awesome their coffee is, so it’s always busy. Despite that The Village guys are always fun and attentive, and if you can’t find a place inside, grab a cup to-go anyway.

The Village Coffee & Music
Address: Voorstraat 46, 3512 AP Utrecht
Phone:030 236 9400


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