Wagamama – Chain of Noodle Bars in Amsterdam

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Yesterday we found ourselves near Rembrandtplein in search of a NORMAL place to eat and stumbled upon Wagamama. Interior seemed modern, it smelled delicious from the open kitchen and the place was quite full for the hour. We easily found a table for six though, the waitress was friendly and took the order right away.
All the dishes came at a different time, and though we were told it’s the style, it still disappointed me, especially when you are with a few friends (some people already finished their food whilst others were still waiting). I guess if you order small plates to share that won’t be a problem.
The food itself was quite decent. Ebi Katsu (Deep-fried Shripms) were tasty, Duck Gyoza was nice (reminded me of Beijing Duck taste, though the dough was a bit dry), Terikyaki Chicken Donburi was good as well, but the Pork Ribs were the star of the evening. Really sticky, flavourful and fell off the bone. The Teppanyaki and Donburi dishes our friends had were all really big and delicious. Next time I’m coming for one of the Ramens.
As the menu is quite big I would really recommend you order several dishes to share with your friends, to get more samples and the idea of different tastes presented in Wagamama. Keep in mind they also have a small but nice selection of Asian beers.
Overall Wagamama is not something really distinguished, but is quite a decent place to eat with fitting price tag and big portions. I wouldn’t expect wonders, but it’s definitely better than the majority of places near Rembrandtplein.
They also have several other locations, take-away and food delivery. As I hear, the chain came from UK.
P.S. sorry for the pics’ quality, didn’t have my cam with me

Price range: €5-17
Address: Amstelstraat 8, 1017 DA Amsterdam (+several other locations in A-dam)
Phone: 020 320 0310
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