It’s a Present – Extraordinary Gifts Shop in Utrecht

IMG_1306 copyI probably strolled down Lijnmarkt million times, but never thought to drop by the It’s a Present shop. Finally I came in and didn’t regret it.

The shop is situated in a 900 year old building not far from the Dom Tower. All 3 and a half floors are packed with cool stuff. From furniture to birdhouses. There you’ll fall in love with nice gifts or pieces for your own interior, sustainable items or vintage finds. Among the proposed items you’ll find Lego collectables, Bloomingville ceramics, Zoku popsicles makers and House Doctor furniture.
I couldn’t resist buying something for myself as well: Sagaform Carafe (€26) and  Bloomingville cups (€7 each). You’ll see them on pics below.

It’s a Present Shop
Price range: moderate
Address: Lijnmarkt 16, 3511 KH Utrecht
Phone:030 232 8790
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2 thoughts on “It’s a Present – Extraordinary Gifts Shop in Utrecht

  1. I absolutely love this shop! I’ve been to it thousand times and they never stop surprising me. I remember spending at least half an hour in the shop. There is a great variety of choice fitting pretty much every budget. Finally, as funny as they may seem, pretty much every present is meant for grown-ups as well as children.

    1. I think i’ve spent there about the same time, was really interesting to touch everything and i just wanted half of the things there! :)

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