Castle Slot Zuylen near Utrecht

IMG_0619 copySlot Zuylen is a castle in Oud-Zuilen village near Utrecht located in a picturesque area along the Vecht. Originally built it 13th century it was destroyed in 15th century but rebuilt again in 16th.
Slot Zuylen has garden tours and castle tours with a guide. You can take a walk through the beautiful premises or a drink in the museum. Be aware that they have seasonal changes in tour times.

Slot Zuylen
Price range: €1-8,50
Address: Tournooiveld 1, 3611 AS Oud Zuilen



IMG_0621 copy IMG_0627 copy IMG_0718 copy IMG_0730 copy IMG_0733 copy IMG_0632 copy IMG_0692 copy IMG_0705 copy IMG_0716 copy

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