Soester Duinen – day trip to the dunes

IMG_0097 copyNetherlands is a beautiful country with lots of places to visit. If you are a tourist, tired of coffeeshop hopping or a local in search of something new, then hop on your bike and take a day trip to the Soester Dunes.
Soester woods and dunes is a reserve of about 500 hectares not far from Amersfoort. There are several walking and cycling routs of various distances, but it’s also a perfect place for a picnic or kiting or having other sport activities. The sand is beautiful and small hills create a very inviting landscape for a day out.
We personally took a bike ride from Utrecht, had ice-cream on the way there and stopped by the farm on the way back. On a nice sunny day this is a place to go at least once!
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One thought on “Soester Duinen – day trip to the dunes

  1. Its good to see you like this trips with bicks….pls send me next time plan to visit some other places…..we will be join with u……

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